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an acute course. Chronic peritonitis (non-tubercular and non-cancerous)

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apt to occur in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

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pear with the ascites, but if excessive is due to pressure on the ducts, either

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eotnpleta pcrta. Aii7»mat«iirooiild to ba the beet and oheapast in the

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. Hilton of Pla^lnc Oudi, Full InitniXIciiu, wUb lUiutfaMd

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Diffuse. Circumscribed abscess formation is similar to that which

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8. Habitual dislocation is one occurring in a joint in which the con-

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rhage, especially in the first stage of acute nephritis. It may also result

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is most serviceable. Finely pulverized iodoform should then be blown

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Laennec, and Allan Burns were among the pioneers in this branch of in-

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tenderness of the liver. Attacks of syncope at first occur only after active

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cus adiiering^ to tiie turbinated ridges and interspaces, and then uiulergo

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any given case. The most essential point is to keep the eliminative

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stantly employed during the acute stage. The prostration which occurs

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nutrition vary with the nature of the irritant, and the extent of the tissue

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and emphysema are present in those cases where death occurs during con-

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eight hours. So far as we are able to determine by analogy upon what

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complains of pain in the hip- joint and on the inside of the knee, while

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and the flatness will extend below the normal limits of the lung.

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The respirations are more or less accelerated, and after exertion there

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The BofhriocejjJialus latus is the largest worm infesting

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rhages occur ; sometimes the blood appears in the nrine in clots, in which

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flammation, or irritant, as if to prevent it spreading or extending to

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keep for a long time, while that exposed to the dust particles of the air

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quantities, the source of the hemorrhage is the bronchial mucous membrane.

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by foreign bodies lodged in the oesophagus, they must at once be removed ;

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that of a hazel nut, and are very rarely gi'anular.' When the lung is

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When recovery is to occur, the restlessness, jactitation, insomnia and

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these ova is wonderful. How they obtain entrance into man is not known,

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