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was a passage of calculus, and inflammation, but the urine
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sessing all of the characteristic symptoms, under the
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chymatous change, undoubtedly brought about in successive generations
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employed, if it may be so termed, except in cases where some physical
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tissue, and in old ulcers with indolent granulation tissue. Sometimes
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There are many individuals who have always been used to such a diet
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true corpus luteum was found in the left ovary. The uterus was found to be a
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Dr. Quinlan said that he had advised the operation performed
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clinical cases. The appreciation of this fact has led Charcot, Ferrier,
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arhythmia and more or less hypertension may also be present.
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system of reporting cases. Had seen a man whom he knew to be a
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A mitral presystolic miurmur occurred in.. 3 cases.
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M. Sanson explained at some length the reasons for adopting his
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depend on chronic inflammations of the internal mucous surfaces,
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1894,) the therapeutic use of exalgin, from the point of view of the literature of the
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rat No. 12 on the second day, and death from tetanus took place on the fourth
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became more or less irregular, and there was some nausea, though the
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in which the government has found itself. The extent of the inter-
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the radial pulse I find that they are both uninjured. There is a
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pearance, he says ; and I have seen that myself: its specific gravity
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In his paper, "The Ocular Complications of Variola"
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ance. However, apparently normal ova may carry the organism to the full
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a case of suspected fatty disease of the heart resolves itself
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and circulation the body may be enveloped in a blanket and the
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The aforestated facts compel the admission that that prepara-
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more frequently occurs as difiuse degeneration. It also usually com-
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occasioned. Some, indeed, were so weak as to be unable even to
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Carbolic acid, one part to twenty of tepid water, well shaken. 3. Corrosive sub-
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Hem at ologic Iwntoocytopenia was reported n a patient who was
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tions and 3 deaths, only 1 2 per cent, mortality. In the
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Dr. Murphy's part, of a modern improvement — we mean Dr.
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to touch, and during the progress of the disease this sensitive-
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with pronounced abdominal pain that our attention is entirely absorbed
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