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and character of the irritation applied. It will be our object,

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tempt at successful manipulation. Repeated efforts were

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the advantages of observation and study which such an opportunity

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allow the contents more or less completely to escape.

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ceases to flow through the capillary network, it can no longer

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examination of the medical and other witnesses on the point of insanity.

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that power, in accordance with the exigencies of animal life,


It was easy to look directly into the right spheno-

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prehension; the joints were no more affected, nor was the heart, of which

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ful cures, but they are cures on paper. This treatment is pal-

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the Vapour of Chloroform Ly members of the Surgical Society and

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without or within ; receiving his behests, and executing his

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comforts, with repeated draughts of domestic "mountain

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and the head was then immediately thrown forwards, thus being

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to produce the injuries just described will also almost

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short time there occurred a feeling of oppression at the praecordia,

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limonis et aquae aa f zardr. ss. ter die. At bed-time two zinc and hyoscya-

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fession, whose qualifications have never been gainsayed, when, were the

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and determined the sense in which the generalization was to

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probable cause or causes of the obscurity of these fractures, I will

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the three frailest timbers in the structure — clinical instruction, length

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to our duties has been in conformity with Faculty action. If this be

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often be seen, bearing a very exact resemblance to those which

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first took charge of him. The protruding granulations were

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although we have no statistics within our reach, showing the com-

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such an amazing mass of true hills covered half his crimes : and a conviction

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strychnine poisoning. Possibly some of your readers may be

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on returning home, every thing killed by the Notonecta, unless

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cathartics, diarrhoea in most cases sets in, and is sometimes ex-

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might mean something a little like what is written in the

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