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be given in as small a quantity of fluid as possible, and a little syrup of

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liability to excoriation; and 5. Uniform compression.

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Coburn^’ has carried his studies with salicylates further

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result and logical sequence of the teachings of three men in the

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On the 22d instant the connuittee reported the following

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the condition was considered not to be primarily ne-

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ant action. The alvine evacuations contain extractives,

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then clamped, bringing serous membrane to serous membrane

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himself the genetic seeds of his own death, and that the only

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smallpox spreads through a community. It would be somewhat com-

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terially benefitted. I will give for the edification of our readers, an

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Bait., 1891, ii, 161. — Pampoiikis (P.-S, ) Recher-

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More fortunate with the hip-joint splint, because di-

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well that the subject has thus been brought so promi-

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ing his course of lectures. He was received with a triple round of applause.

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On passing an oesophageal bougie it usually enters the pouch, as that seems

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and it is thus difficult to see how there can be any difference in the

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proper materia medica, and a thorough knowledge of his reme-

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Lester was a student at the University of Pfsed State Tuberculosis Sanitarium, or

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patient had experienced thrombocytopenia while taking other drugs. Rare cases of

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attack even deepl\- situated cancers. I have only emplo}'ed


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