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phoroania of the present case with an abDorrnal development of the

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nate tightening and loosening of the hold. In large masses of muscle,

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the microbes, excepting the red and infra-red rays. Professor Marshall

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this Fever. — 22. Murchison. "The Period of Incubation of Typhus, Relapsing

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I. The Disorder of Nutrition in Fever. — (a) The Respiratory Ex-

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the time, typhus may not e&ist. practitioners throughout the country

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influence of the miasm. Children affected with -prickly heat escape

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The undersigned are associated for the purpose of instructing in all the branches of Medicine and

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the irritability of the constitution, it diminishes the frequency of action

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burgh and others. The future must show how far these observations

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mouth. Hot water is sometimes well borne. Nutrient enemata are

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confirmed by Rumpel, Weibel, and others, so that this test also, once

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a resistance against ricin, and that the serum of abrin-proof animals is

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in a variable climate, the chance of realizing a comfortable income, even

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observations of Stahl were (if we except Engelmann's observations in

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associated with nutritional changes. In this connection it was shown

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The first European invasion covers a period of thirteen years —

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ence proves that a high extra rating is necessary. Gout was regarded in

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not specific, and is identical with that produced by other organisms

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In the letter of the chairman to Dr. Heber Chase, the question of

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electrical treatment m.ay be confidently recommended. If the current

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Effect of Tetanic Poison on the Nervous System. — From the fact that

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occur, that the heart and pulse remain strong, that the tongue remains

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esses. It causes fever from the simplest to the most ardent form; and

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A regular course of recitations and examinations will include all the required professional works.

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observed in the second week, but sometimes (Gubler, Robin) it may be

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The resistance of the body is high, very much higher than that of a

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pulse 106, soft; haemorrhage again took place at a quarter past one,

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common cause of diphtheria, and as the fauces and respiratory tracts of

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order to obtain a broad surface for union : when the fistula is very small,

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antitoxins act. It is supposed, for example, that the diphtheria and

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Actinomycosis: — 94. Marchand. Eulenhurg's Realencyclopddie, article "Actino-

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spleen is as yet l)ut little enlarged, and there are as yet no roseolar spots,

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4. Abundant Sunshine. — Blue sky was chronicled on all but fifteen days


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