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and complex problem in physiologic chemistry than the
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pointing out that hyperphoria was a frequent cause of perpleJ
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abdominal pains. She quite recovered for four years and then
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twenty six born at Molokai one aged fourteen the other
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undoubtedly a feeling of dizziness that is entirely subjective. The patient
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cerning the father or mother and the child is free from
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extent only of one part in. As a fluid it is nearly
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The number of candidates licensed for practice by the society
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may seem desirable for reference and action to the several State
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The Finsen light treatment first came into prominence
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Heart hypertrophy and dilatation. Relative insufficiency
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how it has evolved why the country is subdivided into
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lain latent until puberty or some traumatism had started it to
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ceptible externally was very great. By catheterifm
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fifth day he complained of soreness of the throat and sudden catch
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and when it attacks the loins the back is raised and
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had manifested themselves. He discussed the possibilities of
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each instance came on the left side I have no means of knowing.
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ferred in my last communication is progi essing ad
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The Committee on examining patients made a report which
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the diseases in question and the same microorganisms
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placed. under legal protection whilst others having equal
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nately was suffering with nephritis. The operation was performed when
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acacia when his stomach would neither bear nor digest any other
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as in pulmonary syphilis but the relief afforded the suf
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so that in many patients there is the appearance of the body having
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may form a continuous layer over the visceral or parietal portion of the
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of their study was to determine whether or not Pfeiffer s
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organs are again capable of exercising their functions.
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thirty two cases four or five days before the efflorescence.
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in all cases in which atropine may be used and has also
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days before the attack of drowsiness confusion of ideas with
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the body of the first lumbar vertebra and lodging in
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toxemia. As already stated attacks of fever may occur for years
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And never has any further symptoms after recovery the case may
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or five years and had found that they did act admirably


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