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nervous for fear she would have it as Pellagrin 260 did.

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operation the spleen was found to be about three times its normal size, weigh-

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In leukemia he found 7.6 per cent protein, in pernicious anemia 7.4

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a fixed order in the group nor to any premature classification ? Every

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closely those usually seen in auricular fibrillation. A study of the various

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degree of exhaustion may demand. Especial reference is had to the

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any sputum in pleurisy, and usually by the absence in infarction of

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The patient was kept in a room in the Jefferson Hospital and under

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in forty-five to one hundred and fifty seconds, and in a short time

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limits of this work. Contributors have done their best to be con-

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tion. To show the effect of conjoint (toxic) cause, the palpitation

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Three of the group of eighteen were white men with onset in 1910, of

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fall on either alcohol or the subacute tonsillitis. There were very few

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pared is shown in Figure 1. The numbers in this figure refer to Table

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of the same or a similar drug is gradually injected intravenously until

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In other words, the two solutions were so prepared that their concen-

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rapidly extends to the neck, while upon the breast appear red spots

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a satisfactory explanation in the rupture of the heart with the escape

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3 and 4) opening the chest and using artificial respiration. The results

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one died without recurrence. Of the remaining sixty-three, there were

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either the venous or the arterial blood. The lowering of the carbon

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varied in the forethyroid period (Period 1) from 97.8 to 73.7 (Period

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diagnosis of tabes dorsalis was made. Twenty-eight years before he had had

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bile pigment nor bile salts. Two minutes after the 20 c.c. of bile were injected

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the pulse curve, when one is in the cold sitz bath, shows all the

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tubes, devised by Solger, which may be crushed with the fingers so that

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(Hayem, Bizzozero, Eberth, and Schimmelbusch). The coagulating

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one-third of the cases of obesity the heart is found fatty, and a third

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13. Note also, as shown in Table 4, that under these circumstances the

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signs of implication of the nervous system became first evidenced in

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identical to that appearing in Table 5, are recommended by von

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When the stenosis lies beyond the valves in the pulmonary artery

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Friderica and Olsen 31 report evidence of acidosis as shown by this test

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through the separator, as recommended by Van Slyke. At first the

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this investigation. They also wish to thank Dr. Pratt and Miss Butler for

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in moderate depression in two of five experiments. In two experiments on

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led to the conclusion that the thyroid gland is an important secretory

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eased." It is generally held that the erythema or dermatitis is the

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