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return of the symptoms, and sometimes requires a second operation.

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diagnoses. Stewart, for example, describes a case in which the postmortem

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the kidney was si4spected, as the colic was always in the flank. One patient

tricor securities services plc

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As the otiter layers of f 1 in the stomach become partly disjested on

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The elTeet of increased 11 ion concentration on the vastus center must

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was found in the adrenal bodies in cases examined postmortem. The

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determination of tho rplativp amounts of oxy- and reduopd lipmoKlohin

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although those in the upper extremity, as well as the tongue, masseter,

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siti.ly .,f ciinliar iririrulMritics Iijis Ih-cii iiidicMt.'d, It is our ol.ject li.M-

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from the centre of the stone, a pure culture of the microorganism was found;

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■■•• tivjisin, I'll'.. «liirll si'ts ill iillir llu' |i|iiri'ss li.is irnlii' nil I'lif ;i tilili'.

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liy the (|uiet, and the oliservatioiis are not pri)lon>t<'<l iM'yond this tiiin

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\ilsililr actioiit I pa'_'e 'Jo 1 , the olll.\ tliiiitr which will inllllellce its

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Bland-Sutton is not sure that these tumors are of adrenal origin, and with-


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