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tation not infrequently coincides with the summation of irritation from the

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manifestations. A certain general disturbance of nutrition (emaciation) is

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Practical, £5 5s. or £8 8s. ; Midwifery, £4 46. or £6 6s. ; Physiology,

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Here again the apathy, catatonia, negativism, and progressive dementia favor

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where hypnotized adult men dance dolls, eat raw potatoes with an expression

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(3) Pasteurization. When tne phosohatase test is used to determne the

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increase, anaesthesia is produced, the distribution of which points to an involve-

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pass the departmental examinations in each of the departments and subjects.

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during six months; the management of thirty labours.

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the skin during life (on the nerves of the arm, the crural, the intercostal

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writing of the candidate ; and a satisfactory examination in each of

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with Metallxirgy, £1 lis. 6d. ; Snrgery, £2 2s. ; Medicine, £2 2s. ; Materia

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previously approved by the Professor, and deliver a copy after the

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histology. Winter, hours to be arranged, Bartelmez.

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very similar to those at Oeynhausen. We have also seen very good results

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measure, to advise simple opening of the skull without further interference.

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durirui tne pasteurization process as .--ilk enters tne towl and tne centrifuqal fa^e

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control to plant rwplratlon. As previously stated, resplratlwi Is a cwitfnuous process.

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of both. U.S. Fancy (or Extra Fancy) Is the top grade merved for those, pr«luct$ of high

telmisartan hydrochlorothiazide combination therapy in the treatment of essential hypertension

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teristic and individual as hysterical hemianaesthesia, a symptom-complex which

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pass an examination of admission. To those candidates who have

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Sanitary standards for ice cream plants ar** comparable to these standards for

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^written. Candidates may present themselvep for either part sepa-

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Special gastric symptoms are usually absent. There may be a dilatation of

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with disturbances of hearing (unilateral nervous deafness, tinnitus) or ves-

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an implication of the lateral columns. Since, furthermore, in transverse mye-

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Dean; and the candidate pledges himself not to use any printed or written

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