Tegretol Side Effects Lab Values

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tonic convulsion) ; the sternomastoid muscles were affected

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youth who is lounging his life away, the habitual canting hy-

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were fatal. Felsenthal's six cases were in children and of moderate

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ing glance? Are they not indeed worthy of our pride and emulation?

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It may either take the form (a) of simple periodic vascular engorgement,

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some way. It is also thought to arise spontaneously in hot

tegretol side effects lab values

'^ Why he is the discoverer of the homoeopathic system of medicine,

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ing test is usually due to a lesion in the posterior fossa, such as a

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As these are necessarily limited to the requirements of the

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ening is most pronounced at the sphincter, where it abruptly ceases,

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VA Hospital, 215 Perry Hill Road, Montgomery, AL 36109,

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to. do — many more than double the number of people wear hair on

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of this method beggars description. Tongue cannot describe

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are on record in that state. The evidence collected

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but by numerous cases brought every day under the observation


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