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cline with throbbing of the temporal arteries. The dis

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meteorism once well established is extremely difficult to deal with

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lings swine plague. In German writings the name swine plague seems to

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free from danger nor always favorable in its results. Our cor

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Among the irritant plants charged with producing the affection

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scientific and illogical refuge that is sought to avoid the specific nature of

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between the kidney and the colon below tli pancreas and

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Fever. There are two principal sources of error. Patients suffering with

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tion is well started and then using epidermic grafts if neces

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preparation be determined by the attachment of the membranes.

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extensively used in prisons reformatories and other public

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centre is indispensable also vocal and auditory organs. In many of the

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strength and vigor of the horse will increase his sexual power

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the disease as the reaction of the surplus nerve force which was

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recurrent form in women of the morphine habit. I have seen three cases

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exploded against the shield of that gun. One of the fragments completely destroyed

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cal association was formed with the express purpose of aid

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mutton. The prejudice against the red meats as opposed to the white has

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writer nineteen had laceration of the cervix. The lacerations

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used. Any dusty occupation may give rise to pneumoconi

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should be treated by compression which usually suffices. Cerebral

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It is necessary in studying the new work of Morgagni to be exact

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cine and surgery and one which is progressively attracting more and more

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department of physiology with which I am of course more familiar

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such as convulsions are rare. The tongue is coated and the symptoms


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