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through the incision, and the iris gently grasped close to the pupillary
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with a I in 500 bichloride of murcury solution, then
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abscess, this wound immediately becoming infected, re-
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Mrs. E. D., aged twenty-six years, was presented by Dr. Steudel, of
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kologie, Band Hi. Heft 2) in a paper on this subject summarizes as follows :
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is denied him, it is almost impossible to keep him quiet in
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four of Burleigh, chairman of the Council, presided,
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two plain wooden chairs, a plain deal table, furnish
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indicate the real scope of the article. Much of it is devoted to the
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most certainly undergo multiplication or concentra-
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resembling that seen in cultures of the streptococcus of erysipelas — that
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that a previous rickets produces later a condition of fragilitas, but this
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tal strain and after much indoor work. Appetite was mod-
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at birth seems to be fully that possessed by these cells in the adult, and does
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Journal of 1 iif ectious Disea.':e.i, ii, p. 351, 1905.
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