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thought that these secondary growths were of a true metastatic nature, but
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Monroe, Va., to Ft. Wood, New York Harbor. S. O. 180,
during this process the body is poisoned by the products of tissue
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tion, which give rise to a variety of secondary cerebro-
When the part becomes feverish and uncomfortable, renew the
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thrown much light on the subject. In monkeys the corpus
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ever, such reasoning cannot be applied in a case of attempted suicide
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the vagi be divided, apnoea is not due to excessive oxygenation of the blood ;
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white hellebore 3 oz., black pepper 1 oz., oil of tartar 1 oz.,
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possible existence of a ganglionic center for the larynx, the
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pressed part and consequent passive dilatation. This opinion may be readily
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presence of morbid products which encroach upon the small space between
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syphilis they only look as though they thought I lied, but
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mean to say that we can lay aside all therapeutic agents,
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to come in again for another examination, and if he was foolish and
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of increased water ingestion and 0.572 gm. on the second day.
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anemia in a relatively large percentage of cases. Da Costa gives
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upwards of thirty years, and also record with gratitude the
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very few moment.s sufficed to render even this totally
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is at work before us, and from it to estimate the prospect of re-
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were evaporated to as complete dryness as possible in vacuo over sul-
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known a woman with a very deep jaundice upon her, suckle her
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