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" Atlas der menschlichen Blutzellen.'' Two coloured plates showing the chief cell forms
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tion of the provinces, and in accordance with this interpretation of
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But I do insist that the results of our costly experiments shall
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film of iodoform collodion, which secures the maximum safety with but
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Paresis has one notable feature frequently occurring, in
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where she would have kind care and skilful nursing. Having
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414, 469, 521, 577 ; Obstetric Section, 107, 108, 416 ;
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demands for sugar may be met without calling on that of the perfusion
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There are only two cases with necropsies to which I can refer in
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Extraordinary Professor at Erlangen, and Director of the Lying-in Asylum, in the
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I say observation, for I must confess, that by it, though limited,
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evident at first through diminished capacity and later through manifest
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family ties, common politics, and a common love of port
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exertions for recovery which are indispensable to his safety.
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several paces and note the way he lifts his hind legs for
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caused by something that had reference to the mode of
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eline, Jeanne and Barbara, and one sister, Mrs. Peter
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ficiently considerable and lading, which however the
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and the femur w^as dislocated upwards ai-.d backwards on the dor-
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treated with digitalis without benefit, he has seen prompt results follow its
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I-*?. Ut-OC0fSnOS30t0eaHHaO10HM0>M?100NOl-Ol-00M
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C. C. Blake, aged 23 years, private, Co. G, 2d Reg, U.S.
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process. Adhesions may unite the cerebellum more or less firmly to the
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<*' 11. Alcohol, by the refrigeration of the tissues which it produces, mode-
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stretching or even tearing through adhesions of moderate stand-
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show a considerable degree of intemperance. Sailors, partly from force
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and turn it back, then secure the animal to a strong post
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from the comfort of the soldiers. The wagons and beeves
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Fig. 37. A badly fixed osmic acid-Giemsa preparation, in which one of the
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Scientists are developing new tools to diagnose plastic degra-
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the West End Infants' Hospital ; the rent was about
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strength and pain until the abscess should evacuate
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from the ground, never speaking, and quite oblivious of all the wants of
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metals. The equivalent of silver is 108, its symbol
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the stomach. Chronic catarrh of the stomach. Inflammation of the
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1004 a. — Les cestodes du dindon, nature zoologique et role pathogene Bull.
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