Phenergan Syrup Side Effects

been getting digitalis before admission to the hospital. I do not think

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appears to do this. The changes in the vital capacity throw interest-

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of calcareous matter. The delicate, tender web on the free edge of

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in number. INIore than half of the cases occurred during general or

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Sugar of milk is a considerable diuretic and may be

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■duly and sufficiently exercised at its nascent period, and having

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cases, in which I have had the patients under observation

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relief from the burning heat that oppresses us, and how certain and

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the menorrhagia and metrorrhagia had ceased, and the

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a deep-seated infiltration, which later extends on the

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the increase of poverty and crime that goes pari passu with this cause.

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All experiments were made in test-tubes, the inner wall of which was

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was living on a roOing prairie, half a mile from any

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ing a very loud voice only a few inches from the ears. She

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prevent the escape of fluid. The parts are mopped with

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medical attendant personally, so far as he may, applying

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eatment. — As already indicated, something may be

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femoral and the upper aneurysm. I thought that that would

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Cataplasms were now applied, and the gangrenous black por-

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ings tends to aggravate this pernicious position. It is important, therefore,

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there is no method by which they are so readily brought

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"While recording these statements as to the existence of a func-

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required, if the pain is subdued to relieve the stricture of this

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1275 pages, with illustrations. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers &

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Is a morbid condition, with or without inflammation, as in bog-

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stomach, with deficiency of apy^etite, and flatulence. These symptoms

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Onodi, Lecturer on Rhino-laryngology in the University

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licts he has had to care for and the surgeon calls attention to the

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!M. Tavignot, in France, has long been in tlie habit of using

phenergan syrup side effects

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of the degenerative changes in neuritis. This work he fol-

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of hyoscyamus. Mix all together. Dose, 3i, diluted in 3iv of

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the diagnosis as the acuter process disappears, leaving the case a clear one

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Catarrhal symptoms treated by steaming head, medica-


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