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gerous to life. Like chlorine, iodine, etc., its activity

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self. The same thoroughness should be vaccines and have seen enough seemingly

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tioned as having been made public by Professor Dick in the

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Section of the American Urological Association in Balti-

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Sinclair Tousey, of the Roosevelt Hospital house staff —

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the hypogastrium shrinking, and the epigastrium enlarging and

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changes in the quantity or quality of the blood remains to be

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pressed slightly upwards and downwards by the muscles ot the

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a conviction is had upon the testimony of expert witnesses,

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told, " to include a goat among their stage properties, and were said to

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Boston, Mass., in a series of experiments in the city hospital at

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for some time previously disorganised the labour mar-

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Let it be distinctly understood that California has

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foot beyond the right angle to the leg, in consequence of the tense

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synthesis; uric acid may be ehminated as derived from these sources

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disease being known as Glanders when the glands and

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conducts the action of the cerehellum upon the body is composed


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