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secondarily the structures also of the spinal cord.

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tion of the nasal passages. The most characteristic ner-

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cadavers showed that retrosternal dulness, with in-

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we observe small i)early papules, shining in the incidence of a ray of

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6. Landry's disease (acute ascending paralysis). This de-

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some of the younger men in their ranks : there are now three of them in

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Mr. Small asked whether the residents of any district in

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successful cases were recognised, in which a diagnosis had not

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decomposition of bilirubin within the bile passages. Thus, patients

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4. Aerial Poisons — inordinate proportion of any of the constituents of at-

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a whisper ; his pulse gets rapid and thready, and soon scarcely, if at all,

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illed for, and an inquest was held. Mr. Perfect, who was not summoned

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the important, facts, that the greatest sources of danger are from sudden arrest of respi-

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bacteriological samples without cross contamination and deliver the sample

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The student is then studying normal anatomy, minute anatomy,

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the year before, so long his efforts to elevate the schools are

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by alimentation in hospital practice. "The kitchen is the

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if this fails to relieve the dyspnoea, tracheotomy should be

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more markedly on surfaces of direct expansion. Interesting sub-

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stools resumed their natural color, the urine became clear, the distressing at-


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