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have all grown in knowledge and prudence, and we would
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children that the schools complain of, the feebly gifted ones
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absence at ]iresent as indicating that the diseases is not epidemic
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injurious to well persons. Tapioca, arrow-root, rice, and
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described a form produced by a micrococcus occurring in a zooglea, and
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should be administered in institutions only. In this respect, therefore,
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past have found in many of the cases a very small rod-shaped germ
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pagne fermented in the bottle — made in America. We have
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Dr. W. H. Draper, professor of clinical medicine, Columbia Uni-
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shape of cream or olive oil. A formula, such as this, will be
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great prostration. The grave types may arise in the course of cases of
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diet; to rest him from the carbohydrates, even if he tolerates
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activity of the organism — a more active change of nitrogen in the
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creatic forms the pancreas may fail to secrete its sugar-de-
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a suffusion of the conjunctivae, with excessive lacrymation, frequent
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V. The rapid absorption from the large intestine (in twenty
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probably is due to this oxidation of toxins and autotoxins, and it may
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sylvania. How is it their condition, their fitness, excel ? The
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head. Crack the case, and out fall the nuts. The meat is in
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micro-organism of rabies will soon be found, and establish
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veyance of this poison from one place to another are not known posi-
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Kemp in his review has shown that the comma bacillus is often absent
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duces faecal evacuations, irrespective of the rejected enemata, proving
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In the treatment of gout my experience leads me more
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■• 1 have, therefore, recommended thecoiitinnajice i)f the |iresent
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but one explanation, namely, that the cause of the dilatation of the
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all that the name implies. The great advances have been all
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this distribution in every town, be it large or small, and this
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t "Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten des Menschen," Berlin, 1851, p. 20.
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may, use germicides as you may, you cannot make your hands
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areas, though not infrequently they are both numerous and diffuse (gen-
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Last month Professor Chester, of this station, attempted to detect starch
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indeed before the war; since that they have endeavored to
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nurses are especially instructed as to the evils of constipation
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it Jilrgensen's opinion, given at the congress in London, is sustained.
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servers have always investigated the total blood in one part of the body.
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nates of soda and potash if the heart be not too weak. Scotch
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poor as well as of the rich, the remedy should become the common
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also Councilman, in the heart-muscles (gonorrheal myocarditis). Rarely,
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fined himself to hot water and chopped beef without avail. He had section of
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case, in fact few cases, should be treated without a thorough
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gills are a purple-brown; it has no ring, and the stalk is
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tissue may arise during the period of postponed resolution, producing (h)
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to the lower third of the ileum, the portion of the bowel showing the
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apples in winter storage in Delaware, and at the time I


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