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the operation the patient left the hospital, rode three
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markedly in catalepsy. Brain syphilis or syphilitic insanity
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Hospital after the customary tests for Wassermann reaction, hemolysis, agglu-
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and other establishments, eflectually and quickly mincing all kinds
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patient must be kept to broths, jellies, pudings, rice, sago, etc.
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war, for it has been by collaboration and experiment that many of our
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With this general order in the world, the conception
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societies, both at home and abroad. It must not be omitted
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term is rather vague, the substances comprised under
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in using the Gigli saw. It consists of a watch-spring carrier
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the acetate of lead was the only remedy that could be relied on. I ob-
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in late hours, and a general lack of will-power. It must, however, l)e remem-
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period of quiet. And there being still a large portion of each
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hy alcoholic stimulants. If, however, the distended gall-bhulder form a
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repast, I picked out two of the most poisonous species^
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thirty-two, who complained of a gradually increasing loss of sight for
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from the medical school at Cincinnati, Ohio. He practiced medicine for many
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mon sequel of hypertrophy. In every instance the change seems
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theless, succeeding in getting the measurements of five visiting " teams,"
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it employs Arabic figures instead of Roman numerals ; it assures the
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316 Swayne : Clinical Significance of Acidosis in Fregnancij
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that wounds of the large intestine are so much less fatal
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The treatment of glioma must be early and heroic. Only by such
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and tendons, and the book ends with a chapter on massage
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Haber, Gene Burton, s, a, w, sp, Akron, Ohio. B.S. (Harvard C.) '28.
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condition of the mucous membrane of the bladder, the urine, as secreted by the
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I hesitate to say, however, tliat Mr. Erichsen is entirely
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1885, vii, 69-87. Also, iransl. : J. de niiorog., Par., 188C, x,
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of evidence is in favor of absolutely abandoning this operation in favor
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Decennial Revision. By authority of the National Convention for
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how long does it take for tadora 20 to work
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moderately so. The cut surface of the affected lung is hard, dry, airless,
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with impending eclampsia. Special care should be exercised in the
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under the arm, and all of them have died. I have seen but one case
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closely to a straight line, if it is in reality a curve. It has been drawn in


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