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shade. There are now forty beds. The intention of the Company is
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plete mortification of one leg as high as the knee. He had a rather
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in the drinking-water. During the night the difficulty in breathing
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being cast, the bridle is removed and the head extended. The parts
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aged 15J years, who had been in labour about eight hours, and had
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and C. F. White were elected to fill four vacancies on the Committee.
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To Purchasers. — To insure attention, it is requested that all orders sent to the Office
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because we are not also Fellows by examination ; the fact being that,
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ten to fifteen years ; and the staff of one of the hospitals — la Charite —
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to him by sounding it ? "Why not the tailor sound a box, in order to learn whether
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epithelioid border of the hyaline zone, on the contrary, contains ex-
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of good position, but a perceptible gap in the ranks of the London pro-
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the Edinburgh School of Medicine and the advancement of University
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proached the edge, and after deliberating for a moment (all its move-
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there was no perceptible impulse wh.atever. About the diastolic period
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joined notice, and, still more, the Brace, to the careful attention of all who would
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form. He could not quite agree with the author of the paper that
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"2. Elements of Chemistry. Professor: M. Riche, Substitute-pro-
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Charaka as the oldest of these three writers, as most
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crease of blood-pressure by cupping or purgation is followed by increased
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Williams. — On July 26th, at Broomfield Swinton, near Manchester, the wife of
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could be detected approximately equal in duration to two cardiac
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operation when the breathing is very much embarrassed, although the
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were now felt in both groins and both popliteal spaces, also in the
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lameness by demonstrating the existence not only of a limited osteo-
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Some ticks which survived the action of the benzine and turpen-
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At the present day the tendency is to regard it as an auto-intoxica-
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It is interesting to note the successive variations of temperature of
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lessen, rather than increase, the red particles, unless by its administra-
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in 1720 the invitation of the University of Helmstaedt,
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section, with a few softened centres. At points, and especially towards
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aortic semilunar valves. The diastolic murmur noted during the last
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this virtue of curing the scrofula passed from Clovis,
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ter, we have a most valuable therapeutical agent. After alluding to
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the weather, but was always healthy, with the exception of flying
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equal frequence, appearing to have a preference for the upper parts of
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having been never free from pain, occasionally passing blood from the
to man takes more often in this day the form of carelessness than of
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usual physiological characters, but some are changed, deformed, and
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and limbs. At certain times it suffered such pain as to howl loudly,
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