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nerves. At this stage also infiltration of the nerve trunks often occurs.

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observe its characteristic shadow while it travels through the intestinal

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tissue deposit in the intima and this is followed in turn by

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should be to test and develope the power of observa

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at. F. and remaining in this state for an indefinite time Gilbert and

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almost be called physiological so constantly does it oc

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muscle as well as all the other parts surrounding a fractured bone contribute

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thought that no instinct is perfect without experience and that instinct in

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Dkatus i gt the PKorKssioN ABROAD. Jules Emila FCaOt

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amount of muscular exertion must be just as definitely prescribed by

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future to command a supply of reliable antitoxin for the treatment of

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in the third both the skin and nerves are more or less extensively

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of experiments on the chimpanzee. The completion of this research will

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been enriched within the past year by the addition of more

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the subscribers a nostrum for the prevention and cure of

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especially as regards the artificial feeding of infants should be

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James s powder ipecacuanha or tartar emetic if diarrhoaa occurs hydrargyrum

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He did not realise that nerves also are irritable but

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eye contained a well advanced cataract and the lens

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freely and quickly. On ophthalmoscopic lithate of ammonia. The little patient was

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an indirect factor in the production of spinal curvature. The

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tions of irritabiUty irritation excitability and excitation. From

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utmost attention those patients whose actual state might lead

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Case IV. Advocate aged forty has drank inordinately

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tion. This is just as necessary to their well being as

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serious work of appearing on the Chautauqua circuit between the

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dispense with the trained services of its physicians and

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regarding the etiology of eclampsia and to the possible

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their return to Guernsey spread it among other animals.

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whole however in those qualities by virtue of which the Riviera climate

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The fact that the pelvic floor is more likely to sink to a

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monly be able fully to accomplish our object. Six twelve or

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ceptaculum described by Scherb in is an interesting pathological

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zinc nitrate in paste and emplastrum hydrargyri. Reference was made

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