What Is The Drug Ponstel

is a great difference in the proportion of cases of myxoedema following
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liowev.'r, .•\i.!..n..c of vas.M...nstricti..n will lie ohtained.
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or once in ten days, and in the absence of any skin manifestations it may be
ventricular output of the hlood Ih, nmninil <if inirk llml Ih, hnirl Is ihii
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to represent inflammation of the normal or goitrous thyroid. In some
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to the albuginea testis sometimes followed, as caused
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, tSll^ parts of azote, while the same quantity of ex-
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lumen of the glands and in the str)niach itself. (Vrtain observers affirm
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marked. But these groupings are rather artificial. The statement of
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The commoner changes in the retina of Bright's disease are whitish or
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eye, and diaphragm muscles, may be affected also. Occasionally the laryn-
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phra'.'in and ahdominal muscles shoots the cardiac contents into the
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are more marked because of congestion of the vessels in the walls of the
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lll'iltrll >tillllllMtio|l 111' l;il<_'.' .•llViMCnt MlTVI'S. Sjrirc llic fNpi'l'illH'Mls ill.
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has employed this method in three cases, one due to the colon bacillus and
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siiifacc Ifiision (aii.l iiiv.'is.'ly .m tlif iliani.'t.'i- ..f the .•apillaryi. Tlif
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tii\lliniic contractility. Tiie reltuttal on the part of the neurosrenists of
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'i.Iiiiii; mill IIk' iii'rcssitN nl' usinn Ii-mms hi
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ed, that it is impossible to attempt answering one,
what is the drug ponstel
dose of pilocarpine {i^. -j^) may be given hypodermically as an adjuvant.
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piillii'sis liial III.' ( ili|rli\i1> .ii'p.'ii.ls .III III.' spliniiii.' ..I' iii.ii.'.'lll.'s iiil"
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observation : but I venture to affirm, without fear
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L'fll iiiM, III ;iriTlcl;ilii|.,r ;| i,.;i,'|jiili l;kr lit,, iiliinc. i|i. m. ii|i|Jllly ill lioll
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ill till' IiIihmI as till' ii'siili 111' till' asphyxia, or to thi' iinTonscd iiiti.i
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important for prognosis to distinguish them, but this may be difficult until


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