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helpful results to all concerned, is perhaps the best lesson the

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and an operating -table for abdominal surgery, which is

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lated rooms ; tiresome and ostentatious funeral processions ; cars

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many honors, and ultimately becoming the possessor of the degrees of

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me when you call to mind that this meeting is an historical

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Champlain, which afterwards became the Catholic Summer School of

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plaquenil and burning eyes

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Dr. Sayre is unmarried, and his office address is No. 14 West Forty-

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many less cases of cure than did absolute abstention from

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twelve years he was Police Surgeon, and for twenty-one

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grave operations is the best ever attained, which Dr.

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practice, choosing Brooklyn as his residence. After two years his

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of Dr. Boocock, I may be pardoned in calling attention to a fact

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tirely vanish at the end of one or two days, through the use of salicylic acid,

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nosis of bony lesions is easy. Localized pain make us

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ege and graduated in i863. While at college he evinced

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into the artery, have been described. When the wound has

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struggle is between these two motions or forces. It is, as it has

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here entered the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, having in the

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little grains like tallow or rice ; always aggravated by movement

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artery was at last found on the back of the wrist, and superficial. It left the true

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has ever offered herself for registration ; nor do I think she would

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Ear," "Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology,"

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Institute, in Kornthal near Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Germany. The

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general, with the velocity of the bullet. They are a little

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to mention. Suffice it to say, that Dr. Ferguson has opened

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of ' speech." and Dr. Hallock arose and made a few appro-

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properties in connection with operations of the eye are now

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to the Police and Fire Departments, Brigade Surgeon of

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Bristow. He graduated from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1869 ;

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Workhouse hospitals of New York City, and a young New York City

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afforded by homoeopathic practice : they are found in the use

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o to 109 and to ^^y yards (zone of so-called explosive effects).

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ing daughter, was residing. It was during this visit to J

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Franks, before the Academy of Medicine in Ireland, read a paper

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the original text is absolutely necessary for our future work.

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with in the Transvaal War. In the Russo-Japanese War

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I found now that even gentle motion of the left hip caused pain,

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