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send in their names without delay to Dr. Quintin M'Lennan, liil, Pitt
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excel the best results which attend on Csesarean section per-
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be dishonouring to the individual practitioner but a rellection on the
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versity for a period of ten years, expressed some time ago
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tion that " A. S. V. G." is wrong in his suggestion as to the
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given by Reynald in his The Birth of Mankind, 4th edition,
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duration of the acute stage was about eight weeks, the patient
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voluntary isolation in leper colonies or farms. The com-
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principles and laws of surgery need be refused ; indeed, the
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the left optic papilla was hazy, white, and the arteries
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accidents or injuries, or complaining of slight and temporary
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weeks; of these, 1.57 resulted from measles, 112 from whooping-cough,
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ther, we find it again in the Papyrus Brugsch. Numerous conjectures as
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our seaports. The enlightened and promptly-applied methods
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our education, and also, as he said, *" what was worth doing was worth
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more was noticed wrong until about three weeks later, wlien
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He was content to leave it to the House under these circum-
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clear understanding of the principles which regulate chemical
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increased peristalsis and the rapid expulsion of liquid fa?ces.
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S. Turnbiill. promoted to be Surgeon-Major-General. Surgeon-Colonel
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crippled persons. It was referred to this Committee, which


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