This purpose was to build, equip and maintain in perpetuity an emergency or where ca.sualty hospital, which should afford prompt and skilled relief to those injured or taken suddenly ill. He suffered greatly from night sweats, had pain in the lower part of the lefl side of bis chest, and could not lie on his left side; there were no physical signs, other than those of bronchitis, with the exception of a special local mucocrepitanl rale below the lefl oipple: in. By Horst Oertel, Director of the Riussell Sage Institute of Pathology (to). Nevertheless, tlie fact remains that all the new spray members recently appointed to the committee are known antagonists to our cause, but are not as yet in a majority. Mental distress, and the other from extensive 50 renal disease. The calculus was hard and small, and on some occasions could not be struck with the sound; it passed upwards into a pouch behind counter the pubes, and I anticipated a difficulty in seizing it In sounding the bladder in the child, there is usually no difficulty in striking the stone, owing to the shape of the viscus at that period of life; occasionally, however, as in this case, the stone may escape detection by getting into a fold of the mucous lining. It often happens that one does not succeed in bringing out the true violet-blue colour; but I have never failed to obtain the reddishpurple hue, and it seems to me to india be equally characteristic of the degeneration. He thinks it has a promising future for lateral anastomosis between the esophagus and stomach in case of stenosis can of the esophagus or cardia from a neoplasm or cicatricial tissue. Anatomically, the muscular walls of the neck label are much less dense and more vascular than the walls of the body of the non-pregnant its mucous membrane resembles much more the mucoua membrane of the vagina than the rudimental mucous considered, the neck and the body of the uterus are still more remarkably distinct. Already been roused, but was still heavy and garment confused, and was quite of slight headache.

Scabies - made at Finsen's Institute of the various lamps invented for phototherapy. Close attention will show some degree of muscular weakness as one "cach" of the earliest phenomena, but in such smnll degree as to be overlooked unless carefully inquired for. I am told by those well informed in the special departments, that Paris at present is behind in gynecology and in surgery, and that in ophthalmology some of their leading authorities are of foreign birth: dilution. The subject was next approached by the examination of the statements of alcoholic percentage taken from the labels of believed to fairly represent canada the average of patent medicines handled by retail druggists.

Daubeny made uses some remarks, pointing out the importance of the inquiry of Mr. I'lidosophers have tried more and more to ascertain what magnetism and electricity: on. In some cases the beef juice begins to putrefy very rapidly, and large numbers of low forms of animal or vegetable life, or of lotion both, are observed in it.

It is now nearly two percent years since its use, and his medical adviser in the country informed me not long ago that he is still alive and going about. Pha - its point of interest was the commencement of an OTarian cyst and a fibroma of the The sixth specimen was the uterus taken from a woman twenty-five years of age, who, afler giving birth to an eight-month foetus, died in puerperal convulsions. You will more than save the sum in escaping sickness." Now, this is a way of effecting sanitory reform without an Act of Parliament, and a very effectual way too: safety.


An Arkansas druggist also used a mailing card recently to very good advantage (lice). When taken under the care of a physician who is careful to gauge the dose to the condition of the patient, it seems to be the best all-round remedy thus and far studied. The treatment productive of clinical results and subjective comfort must not only include a consideration of hygienic and medicinal measures but also a careful supervision of the food and drink of the patient (cream). While the doctors are trying to escape the presenit tyranny of the friendly societies, the latter are d'etermined not to lose contirol over the they cannot liope for means of settling their grievances against the Bill, the friendly societies in some quarters are demanding the The Spectator takes a very clothing judicious view of the entire matter, and practically endoi-ses the stand taken by the medical profession. The soft water of the Thames used in London contains twenty-seven grains of saline matter to the gallon, and the salts are of "use" the same kind. ANo.Ni-Mous Communications will buy not be noticed. But because medical men may be uniforms sometimes wrong in an opinion, the prisoner was considered not to have been culpably wrong in this instance.

Tlie interior for of the brain is deficient in lymphatics, the arachnoid serving this purpose on the surface. This branch divided into two arteries, how which were distributed to the lungs. But if it appears clearly that he is drinking from the influence of disease over which he has "of" no control, and that he is really insane, then I contend he is as much the object of medical treatment, and, if necessary, of constraint, as if his morbid impulses led him to dance about naked, destroy dress and furniture, bedaub his person and his room with filth, and curse and swear without ceasing. Upon the first indication over of such sympathetic inflammation the only proper procedure is removal of the diseased eye.

The ec opinion has been expressed, that the Managers of the Pennsylvania Hospital will recede from the position they have taken, and make such arrangements as will enable the sludents of the two schools to resume their attendance on its clinics.


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