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cussions upon the subject of Cholera. We have read them

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onstant and decisive as to leave no room for doubt as

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Geriatrics Conference, third Friday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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in the face, and complained of pain in the region of the

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free, there ran a dirty-brownish mark, one-quarter of an inch broad,

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due reflection, to inform us in what lies the necessity for this publication of

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1 Bullock and Hunter, Centralbhf. Bakt., 1900, 28, p. 865.

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bursts ; a thin, brittle, flimsy crust forms, and speedily falls off.

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and I much prefer beef tea made as follows : — Take half a pound of

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years Sambon's theory that the disease was transmitted by a type of specific

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get him in better condition. During that time he noticed

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from which to draw conclusions, hardly warrant con-

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possible change of opinion in regard to the operation from that expressed

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decade. C!oni, who is chief of the National Board of Health,

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threatens hydrotherapy is more real than it seems. Nu-

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The sight of this lady led him to think that his sister, an unmarried

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everything should be prescribed for them. The nour-

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until at length the flickering lamp of life goes out, or is ex-

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specimens were not obtained from the majority of the persons

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direct result of an affection of the pancreas, but is merely one

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Dr. George P. Biggs said that the cases reported in

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difficulty will often yield to the proper remedy, but if not, when it comes

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national Statistical Congress, for the purposes of Public

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absent. Hemoptysis causes a diminution in the urinary solids, persisting

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the last rib and the crest of the ilium, beginning over the

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member, Monte Milligan, M.D., of Pine Bluff. Dr. Milligan

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ti'»:,.rs who tried this plan have found it beneficial. Their patients

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paresthesia and numbness extending down the outer side of the

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to do was sterilize “defectives.” But now with our growing

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3. Valborg Kvigne, MBA. Office of Epidemiology, Aberdeen

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regions. The influence of occupation and density of population explains

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as, in some degree at any rate, an outcome of the various

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hope to gain for it a trial at the hands of others by

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and then followed a longer pause than usual. This weak contraction did not reach

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were viewed against the background of low wages and

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by Discharges. Illustrated by copper-plates of the Diseases, &{c. By Charles Mans-

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stands unrivalled. The ingredients for producing it should

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generis, we know that an early, if not an inceptive condition, is

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If necessary the lower lid may be drawn down out of the

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rarely capable of afi'ording relief, should be tried first. If

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