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the corpus callo gt um. Both hemispheres were invaded. Under the

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practitioner or of other satisfactory evidence of the same.

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investigation it came to its knowledge that refined lard so

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conversion of the toxin into toxon while the other equally well ob

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rapidly progressive and few children with a stenosed mitral

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time but the stricture was hard dense and resisting causing the bougie

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of the gland had been partially pierced and become very tender the least

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nected by means of its osseous parietes with the other bones of

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Even though the missile has escaped its identity can be credit

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the days of miracles had not yet passed and I had faith that

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efforts at cooperation. In appreciation of this fact differ

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good results were attained by the plan mentioned by Mr. Vatson

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medical service and improve the distribution of medical relief to

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ciples and Practice of jVIedicine in the Woman s Medical

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hepatic and the inferior coronary which accompany respectively the

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ward and to the right ending in the right iliac fossa and

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assume that the mercurj acted merely as a predisposing cause and

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the result of numerous experiments in Schrbtter s clinic be says that

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and growth. A patient on the insulated platform is bathed in this ozone

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emergency abdominal operation especially those of strangu

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did not fall off. The long suffering from hoof trouble which often

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Urine uric acid increased brick dust Urine not characteristic


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