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stages of the epidemic, that the patients had had contact with

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is the result of organic disease. It partakes of the general char-

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ical Society, Corresponding Member of the IJelgian Gynae-

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example of the Great Master that it seems strange I am

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with the broad mantle of charity. Although himself firmly convinced of the superi-

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New York; Julian, Professor of History in the University of Buffalo.

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son, Gershom Hubbell, a Revolutionary soldier. All the foregoing

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ority of homoeopathy over all other modes of practice, yet towards those who dif-

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Immediately after graduation he opened an office in Buffalo and

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view each patient as a disordered man." Sensible sentiments

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Very superficial and slight scratches, but with no opening

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McdicAl As5ociatioD. He it. also Gynecologist to (be West

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At this time (4 p.m.) the patient presented the following appear-

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nasal cavities, so that the physiological action of this membrane upon the air

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Perhaps, after all, it is not safe to judge of a method of medical

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of the glyceroles there is no limitation, so long as there is any

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ploraiion proved an absence of the uterus. On sectioD a

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We recognize that each drug generally possesses some predomi-

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in 1871 to study Dermatology in the principal medical centers of

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the United States. For the five years in which she has

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ofTered by the Hospital with its endowment, and the cen-

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States and entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Colum-

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hoeft offered a very carefully prepared " Proving of Curare,"

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the man who believes that divine wisdom and benevolence

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studied medicine three years in Heidelberg and Berlin (1858-61), then

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he engaged in the private practice of his profession in New York

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upper eyelids quivered almost constantly, as we frequently see

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nature of the arterial and venous traumatisms was the

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dominal Lymphatics in Childhood." For the years 1896-98 Dr.

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First, the fact that, neglecting the time-honored custom

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