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Asks “that the physicians in Wisconsin be informed of

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do not find any parasites, but there is slight melanosis, so situated

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presents a full and puffy appearance ; the lips seem much thickened ; the

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mission be authorized to dispose of the WPS-owned Easter

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an opinion on the subject will question. The intelligent

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no action on the part of the Association, and that the commit-

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pulmonary affections. His wife and three daughters survive him.

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wounded were numbered by the thousand it was not possible to ensure

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tation at the mitral valve. In a gallop rhythm (see p. 325), the presys-

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scribed. The respective tendencies to ulcerate can therefore be

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1883. He spent two years at St. Vincent's Hospital,

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as an essential, the constitutional treatment. This treat-

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of this drain, who otherwise would have died. The peritoneal

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second to none, well equipped chemical and microscopic laboratory with Static X-Ray

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assists materially in finding the foreign body, and as a rule

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rest as incomplete until the abdomen is opened. At the

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Lille, 1893-4, v, 1-0.— O'Bricii (-T.) Antiseptics iu oph-

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Langenbeck, for cancer, in 1813. The patient recovered, and the case was for many years

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to other diseases, which govern its external characters, its causation, its anato-

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walked into the surgery at St. Bartbolo- \ died about an hoar after her arrival at the

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In 2 Vols., Crown 8vo, cloth. Volume First Upper and Lower Limb ; Abdomen.


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