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bility and electric contractions are generally preserved.

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expected, the notes prefixed to the specific distinctions in this

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rare under two years of age. On the other hand, the cirrhotic kidney is

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tem, arterial and venous, was found greatly dilated." — " The tumour sunk and rose

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tissue (sue musculaire. myosin) of the heart and diaphragm. He does

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majority of cases is that it will remain stationary or advance very slowly.

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to endeavour to heal it as in other cases as quickly as pos-

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culo de fibras del comtin, fonn^ndose xm ganglio con estos dos

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and without the neurilemma, and inflammation of the neurilemma, or of

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respiration b}' interference "^ith the descent of the diaphragm. Large

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bulla was removed with the aid of a small pair of bone forceps,

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calices is the structure affected. As already stated they are diflferent

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(referring to the gustatory apparatus) peripheral fibers have no

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quent, occurring in connection with urasmic stupor and coma.

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experiments." This statement clearly involves the assiunption

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Fird^ ursemia. This ulterior effect is attributable to the non-elimination

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