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a.ll'4'liiil v'iiis, tin' l>r.'s.i r c|,ii,.-|.liriin' I'.-iii

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examination, held ninety-seven days after injection, showed walnut-sized areas

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Committee members have familiarized themselves with

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and tanking of condemned carcasses, parts of carcasses, meats, or meat-food products,

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brain, present nothing of importance. The base of the brain is covered with

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Mil cxjiiiiiii.'il inii 111' 111!' i-cs|iii-,if(ii\ i|iiiiliciit, wliicli, it \\] lie I'cniiMu-

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Kneibert, Fred Louis Poplar Bluff Lawrence, John Richard Marshall Lucy. Robert E Muncie, Ind.

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there is an increasing group of institutions where the percentage of

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which the hepatic vessels and nerves are embedded. The chamber into

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following an injection of fresh extract of pancreas, though the primary

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Also Swift’s Diced Meats — for high-protein diets requir-

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n,i,st,ti,..|,t parts of III,. „„.-l..i.-.a..i,l niol,.,.,,].. ., ■ l,v a sv„fi,..sis of tu..

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ill man At'ler uivini.' 1"" ■plains cit" '''iieiis.. Iiv nidiilli, for exaniplc. tliorc

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pulse.”" The radioactivity of potassium is neces-

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by Injection of B. bronchisepticus into the Renal Artery.

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under the immediate supervision of inspectors of the Bureau in the

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spine before and after application of abdominal and breast supports. (Skeletons indraw

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coming from the lungs, stomach, and no doubt from other viscera.

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the treatment of infested animals; this oil was distributed and used

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the South. With this in view, various States were visited by Mr.

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heart in subjects under 40 years of age. The amount of fat in Purkin je

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throughout the country; they show only the wholesale commercial

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,. , , . ,,..., ,, ,. , 'r HmI |.aiMM.>alir .1 lliv

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large space is seen to lie under the tumor and to present anteriorly

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steaming water had Just been applied to the ferris-wheel scraper and accessories, stick-

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specific work outlined for resumption of active work in the early

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Canned Products. — If flour or other cereal Is used in any canned product which Is not

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appearance was similar to that of commercial silk peptone.

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that the inlern.il secielion is present in the lilood, jiinj that if this lilond

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** U. S. Inspected and Condemned." In addition the ** U. S. Retained " tag shall remain

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cine by certain of our nation’s benefactors who are

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Madagascar, Hawaii, and the Philippines. In some of these out-

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volume to describe if every possible combination were depicted. A working basis has

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lations of cattle Nos. 33, 75, and 76 with tubercle bacilli obtained from

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therefore, in buying breeding animals, especially at auctions, where no guaranty

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{From the Department of Pathology of The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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ture of 2*" F. within a few days, and th&a. a period of comparative regularity at

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by Herxheimer's method. This method is well adapted to the demon-

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Warren, Shields, and Lulenski, C. R.: Primary Solitary

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manure by daily sweeping and the sheep were fed from a raised rack

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quired, of course, but the goals to be attained and


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