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Council did not do I hope the British Medical Association will

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The results of these numerous clinical experiments are not con-

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however, of an attack of coma being suddenly caused in a day laborer

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the tabetic is obliged especially to use his eyes. If he is standing and

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progress of aneurysmal sacs: (i) One kind is called arteriovenous

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elected by a Branch Council unless his name has been in-

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cause swellings in the course of arteries quite distinct from growths,

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notes as a " shallow flap," which it is ray aim to describe to-

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down with more caution than in pleurisy. In the localized pain of

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examined within two mouths of tlie Initial heematuria; one was the size

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lescent House at Heatherdene, Harrogate; doubly qualified. Appli-

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iightened interest in the forwarding of legislation de-

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because he is an ass, while it would take a widely read geographer to

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centimetres (3 inches), and flattening of the pelvis so that the

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E. R., a young woman aged 23, was sent to me to be treated for nummu-

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the old true typhus. I can imagine that if scarlatina should now be-

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had been checked by opium and bismuth, recommenced. The

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O. Young, brother of the bridegroom, Charles Augustus Young, sur- ,

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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable

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Clinical observation fully confirms this fact. But some cases have

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evasion, thus the absolute prohibition of dancerous mer-

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incision was slightly enlarged and the cavity was well washed

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Witness said that as far as he could gather it came to one

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creas and tender spots throughout the abdomen are valuable diag-

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describe the pain as equally present at some distance from the spot

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of about 4,000 feet, but the sanatorium is erected on the

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Otherwise the esophagus, when constricted at its lower end near the

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been moved from its original position. The original grant of

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incision, the only resource left to the surgeon is drain-


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