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Dr. Kn.app in closing the discussion said that there

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cent. Several tumours were situated on the septum and superficially

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oiling of the surface of the body in fever patients. I am

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favorable conditions vide British Medical Journal October .

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Middlesex Hospital and Medical School. Charing Cross

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nessed such a result we are inclined to consider such an one

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itis localized or diffused suppurative metritis ulcerative

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showed one or more periods of a rapid increase of the cloud

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Is this due to the fact that serum contained more anti

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him to take part In social functions at which numbers of

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into the aorta during the pause. Very rarely the murmur is diastolic

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The preventable disease which kills more of the human

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are selected during the preceding January through March

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vations upon them and the outcome of those observa

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Of the latter there are two cases which ought to be distin

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uted to the portal congestion constipation and haemor

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fried foods rich gravies and animal fats which lessen the secit

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that subluxation is common especially in the knees and fingers. The

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The affection consists of yellowish brown or brown

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The Treatment of Old Unreduced Dislocations. Thiery of

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sensitive and dilated pupils as a symptom of compression of the brain

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texture of the diseased skin so forcibly that the student can al

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of anatomical facts ascertained by dissection exposition prepara

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temporary that if relieved once or sometimes even a

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one pole being placed at some distance from the seat of operation the

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mixing covering up for four hours and feeding with it at

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inch and a half above it. This incision was cautiously carried

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eligible institutions were informed that applications were due by December


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