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and a dog was admitted to the room. He at once made

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them authors of the earliest medical treatises printed in

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the consideration of conditions it is next in order to

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bility of a syphilitic origin of the thyroid alteration. Abrahams has reported

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quickly and doing as little as possible. He has quite given up

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healthy man if he had been there would have no such

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he demands level headedness reliability and good manners and

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occupied by the embolic nucleus. Similar extravasations may be discov

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in the course of tuberonlous disease may be traced to

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that while both diseases are highly contagious and inoculable

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Bernoth directs parts of powdered mastic to be digested

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upon the causal indication. In other words we may reasonably ex

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rendered more susceptible to the virus of scarlet fever is not so certain.

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one of his tonsils a little pellicular concretion followed by a slight

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not generally much difficulty in discriminating between chicken pox

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of digitalis in cardiac failure is strangely disregarded in ordinary

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to metallic poisoning. In mercurial poisoning there may be a

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rival personalities and not merely interruptions of nonnal states

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ovarian cysts he was of the opinion that the changes

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cor s who has been slightly deafened in service. She knew hhn

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mote their ready comprehension and general acceptance.

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externally showed two ureters springing separately along their

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Since the beginning of the small Paris epidemic we have constantly

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Concussion Lesions. Severe indirect injuries of the spinal cord may

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possible. As regards the treatment of disease the reporters mention

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the blood from the superior cava venous crossing this stream at a right

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death the lungs and trachea were removed the bronchia were

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Recording Secretary was one of the founders of the Cen

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trades and that the advance of a grand science should be

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