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with water and then squeezed at a height of 18 inches above the ab-

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^Medicine on chronic glj'cosuria and concussion of the spice

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Among those present in addition to .those whose names have

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first either exterminate the insects which are its carriers, or quarantine

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built by Hadrian, swings on a pivot in the centre, making a

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to contain ten times as much nitrite as the stomach contents.

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the infectious character of meat from tuberculous animals,

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many— and these, too, the most severe cases — we must con-

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mend the Branch to intimate to the Lancashire and Cheshire

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its medicinal activity may be presented in its most potent,

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the gauntlet of injunctions and local opposition to their hos-

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is the more remarkable as in most of these diseases the hepatic tis-

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situation. In some places the interstitial changes are marked, while

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at a time. We may say here that the benefit of this remedy, change,

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dissolved and prop>elled from the fundus onward. These movem^ts.

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which came and disappeared in former times, but without the clinical

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sis are caused by analogous changes in the blood produced by drugs.

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contract to pay it. -V letter to the Home Secretary stating the exact

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showing alike the need for infantile vaccination and for re-

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marked the site of the fracture of the radius was nearly 2 inches below

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congratulating him on the excellence of his results, said that

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Bbiti.'-h Medical Journai, of May 27th, was b'ira at Bois le

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In some cases a deficiency has been foimd in the development of

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the same ground is not gone over again and again. Members

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noted, including examination of the arteries, of the veins, of the capil-

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teria in six days was only one-half of their original nuinber.

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Hyalin degeneration is another form, called so from its appearance,

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and, still better, by the hypodermic injection of 7 gr. of camphor dis-

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The Croonian Lectures on the Physiological Action and

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lasting for a lifetime in the development of its later, but always

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