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Edition. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1910.

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as was at one time hoped. Before the book reached our hands another

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the site of the tumor. This was displaced Avell backward toward the

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Protection — Girl. 4 seconds. "A girl sometimes needs

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by which time all the specialists had left the hos-

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auf die Pettenkofersche und die Kochsche Auffassung der

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lacteals, but the proteins also are in part absorbed

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The Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis. — At the recent

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a re.sult of conditions now existing, the total num-

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tom of a malignant neoplasm of the small intestine ;

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instrument, in the first place, on the ground that even the slightest shaking

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ment was pushed so far in by the fracturing cause that an enormous

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one symptom may be considered positively pathognomonic of its existence,

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to the inadequacy of the old and still often adopted explanation of

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animals with .small amounts of dead typhoid bacilli.

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tuberculous lesion it was probably healed, yet the fact that

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consisted of a very watery secretion, with but little

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Meat as well as fish that is fried in fat, stays much

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agent, the physiological effect being subjudice. In latent

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diet and appropriate treatment. This gain, however, was lost during

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As regards hysteria, in a small number of cases pregnancy influences

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two or three years the patient hail had mild neuralc;ic or

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represent part for part the active principles of digi-

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cated for all cachectic infants. In obtaining a specific blood-serum it is

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a tube with a lot of little openings at the end — a

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to be loose, hanging to the outer fragment by the periosteum. This


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