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orders, appears to point to a serious disintegration of the elements of the

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easily with all pharmaceutical substances, soluble in al-

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Esquimaux to the tropic, without destruction of life. It is equally true that

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It would liardly be believed, even by the most credu-

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all, but it is of the greatest diagnostic importance. Of

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ment can be directly traced to lack of attention to this

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should be thoroughly masticated, so as to digest easily, and meals should

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tympanum from injury. To destroy insects, oil or mucilage should

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affected muscles, and by the limitation of the pain to the affected muscles.

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when an irritation is applied to the skin, a nervous impulse passes upwards along the

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surface of the epiphysis. This need not be divided, but should be simply

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Dr. James Johnson says — in a brute animal, bled to death by

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method which appears at all likely to prevent people from grow-

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suggestive. We confess that we like Mr. Ward best when he is not

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is due to the corn, the actual cause, notwithstanding the numerous inves-

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tumour, so its removal was determined on, and on February 1st,

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during a quarrel, knocked down by his comrades, who cruelly thrust

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cially in the production of the upper registers. (3)

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regulations. The board must also certify that he is free from

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margin of the ribs on the right'side. This pain, although occasionally

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less frequency and in less degree ; they cease entirely

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gists who have given the question of diet serious considera-

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in treating this disease. Dogmatism should be avoided.

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was a violet-colored circumscribed patch occnpyins: the first inter-metacarpal

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distinguished Frenchmen, Par6 wore a short beard ; but

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He will get up with an alacrity that will make amends for his

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per cent, having phthisis. Si.xteen patients or 17 per

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process and the sensations of the patient, for in the same way that an appli-

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Then we injected a solution, consisting of chlorine water, chloride

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fluid, in the absence of tubes and of globular epidermic cells, and in the charac-

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to the clinical disease and pathologic lesions, and the specificity of

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takes place after a longer interval, but still in essentially the

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secretion of mucus, bronchorrhea, at times severe enough

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the District Medical Officers are sent to the workhouse infirmary ; in a

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ligatures, one in front, one behind, and one on each

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