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has been found in the jjost-moiiem room of Guy's Hospital within the last
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interspace three-quarters of an inch inside the nijjple
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lamp, and Alfred Harmsworth had also given $50,000 for the perpetual
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remarks, the latter being in favor of the cautery. Mr.
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serum of a rabbit injected with bacilli from a leper nodule was used in some
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After standing for 15 minutes the thick, crystalline slurry was di-
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medical care shall be equally thorough, painstaking
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ble of our purgatives. It remains well on the unquiet stomach, is
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April 1-2— Introduction of Vaginal Sonography. UCI at Hyatt Ali-
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The Griffin Testimonial Fund. — Sir: The following subscrip-
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Bfllevne Cullerfe Hospi/nl. — The second annual commencoment of this
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the neoplasm is epithelial, and the initial change (always, however,
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The simple microscopical examination of thick films of blood (Manson-Ross
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chiefly occurring in warm climates, and prevails especially in cities and
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soN, A. M., M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Chest and
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The sclerotic makes up about five-sixths of the external surface of
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does not give adequate means of drainage of the kidney substance.
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handling manure and bedding, falling on the road, and kicks
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1897-8, Lond., 1899, xi, 144.— Pliotiailes. TJue methode
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logical unity and a common principle of treatment with the
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must be stopped as quickly as possible. This may be done by
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a fatal termination, but rather remain stationary or slowly advance,
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required treatment, but only eight of this number, in his opin-
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the C. V. Mosby Company include Trueta "Principles and
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the bacillus diphtherise as compared with its coincident growth with
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five or ten minutes on a very dilute, pale-red solution of carbol-fuchsin.
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ually seen alluded to in papers or articles dealing with appendicitis, and I
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of myxomatous and fibrous tissue. But traversing it were
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temper to a morose, sullen, retiring, and resentful disposition. If a
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ever, then, putrefaction is already present this salt was of great benefit, and he
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the depressing influence, which the loss of power of swallowing
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tunity of carrying it out except in a few cases." {The Canada
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and in this manner they combat undue irritability of
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the head of this section must be a very decided negative.
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engendered, and because of the relatively large surface
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quite impossible without such special work ; and much
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Remedies Avhich may be given for this purpose are camphor, lupulin or the
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possible to make the improvement permanent. Of 11 cases
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root of the whole subject, was the inoculability of the hard
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embedded in agranular matrix; they frequently contained,
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It was noted by Kellogg that the increase in the blood
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