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of the sac behind on each side of the triceps tendon.

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ful devotees of the profession. In addition to these papers

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sionally the congestion of the veins may be unilateral.

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have little opportunity for one when all the water must be carried

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monale which he claims to be the contagious element found in the sputum.

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which is claimed by its advocates to more oomplotely

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Presidio of San Francisco Cal. for duty. Freer Arden

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when the glands in the right axilla were noticed to be en

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Arkansas Diabetes Program Course Director Dr. Vivian Fonseca.

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eases and defects and to be familiar with and able to apply the

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by no means frequent the lesion resulting from the separation of a

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condition and it is usually preceded by pyosalpinx gt us

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was slightly bent and was provided with three openings. To

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The topic is urgent and there is a need for such a book.

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being equally tense on both sides. The lower pole of the right

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The tumor was the size of an adult head and weighed ahout fifteen

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The disease spreads usually by direct contact with infected

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ment he not only includes erysipelas here as a species of phlogo

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vide a new conception of the universe. Then the scientific inves

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phosphoric acid in a wineglass of cold water may be administered

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of progressive asthenia great languor and indis osi

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Motor to eye muscles and levator palpebree superioris.

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been removed lowered blood pressure and caused respiratory

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the faeces is frequently present. In the stools large numbers of Char

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as to whether one or other or both of these troubles shall develop

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isms which have not been noted in epidemic meningitis. Many of the

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FresidenI the votes shall be taken by lates the repre

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forms of disease we are scarcely in a position to determine. A

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tion of this gravity. AVe see therefore that according to Krause

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instances enjoy a remarkable immunity from such disorders.

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whole series in different batches of bouillon other trials

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Cucumber Pomatum for softening and cooling the skin. Cla

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temperance hereditary taint intermarriage of relatives the fright illness or

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which the lower writings seem entirely obliterated until

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itdesireable a per cent. solution costing only cents a quart. The

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eosinophilia was requested which unfortunately was not made.

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ferred from the ICU to the floor on postoperative day

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Professor of Diseases of Children and Clinical Medicine.

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tion of the fibrin by the formaldehyde. A putrid solution of pepsin

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especially if the patient be of vigorous habit restriction from animal

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this ability to control the attention or inclination which constitutes

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ular book as authority in the matter and the question

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In Mr Birkett s well known essay on the question of reduction

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upon climates this latter obtained from a knowledge of the

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these reports have in some cases called them merely morphologic

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shown by moving stiffly on the toe when the horse is

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with five different brands. He gave negative reactions with four and an


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