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Lupus. — Here the starting-point is in the corium, pro-

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& Pabsl. Recherche des matiferes cidorantes etrangeres

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was protected from the atmosphere. The sixth bottle was

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spoonfuls of rose water, and a little grated nutmeg. A wine-

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below the rate of the preceding December quarter (when

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The pupils are sometimes contracted, but usually dilated, and in some cases

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quadrupled the chances of success in grave surgical

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envelope and a sheet of foolscap-paper, you may also add, without exceed-

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SS, et at. The efficacy and safety of high-dose verapamil

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work in its present form is apparently considerable, as it is now

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simple and satisfactory subjects of surgical practice. In-

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currents was especially valuable in the treatment of

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which were illustrated by specimens then brought under the

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fnii^i-Mi atid //. .'/>'' '^'/7(,-.f, the ehief representatixe? of the ?aceharol\ tic

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pure. Internally she was gi^-en two teaspoonsful of bovinine

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Three of our teachers hold state certificates, and nine

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Mrs. S. — Incision, then tapped. Tapped many times afterwards. Present,

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was further given by a bandage passed round and across the head. There was very

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Uterine Sarcoma.— W. Evelt * reports 3 cases of uterine


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