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16 remained under treatment Of the 118 cases in which quinine had been
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from an aperture in the cornea; appearances I soft, capable of being much reduced by
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known world, the Druids, in their medical treatment,
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used a concussing blow on the top of the head and then on
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Microbiologist; Professor, Veterans Administration Medical
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modify and possibly prevent smallpox if done within four
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goose and duck, and roasted turkey were popular foods, and
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eviscerate the bowels. This cannot be done satisfactorily when,
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The subject will not pertain to the method of reducing and treat-
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— B itany, Practical Chemistry, Medical Jurisprudence.
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and share the duties of the exhibition hospital. Tlie pro-
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shows more or less intensit»y of fever, but the rise rarely exceeds 102° . As
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are 4 negro deaths in this same age period within nine days after deliverv and if to
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no other reason, justifies the operation. From what
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written or oral authority. In this unsuccessful enterprize,
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weather ; it often, however, attends and indicates the presence of catarrh
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calcium phosphate which is assumed to be present in the blood, because
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It has been suggested since I came here that it might
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negative or faintly Gram-positive. Tileston independently discovered thread-
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coincided with his view. lie thought that Dr. Webber
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number of points brought out by the author differ radically
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*Associate Professor. Department of Pediatrics, UCSD.
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Jiirgens G. (1903) is^^^fechtunjen ucer axe '. icifcil' eche :.ec>ction
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ity of the urine has only been two or three degrees
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either to indicate its peculiar fitness in certain diseases, or to
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passes a good test. The retina of the eye is sensitive to the glare, and
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nations, as at present existing, is a cumbrous proceeding, and
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sweeping movement upward sharply com- and is relieved by recumbency, hence it us
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mind. We are delighted to see that, with increasing
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Moreover, there are thousands of workers in industries who are
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(38%) of the 60 employees who left the department during FY 1968, transferred
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nomenclature was imperfect, as there were amesthetic spots in
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these (Hutchinsv. Hutchins) was heard in the Vice- Chancellor's Court in May
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has already begun, we may be almost certain that bleeding would only
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all diseases or to all substances, or even to the same disease or the


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