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uated from Brown University in 1H82 and from the Harvard

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Was it there all along ? and. Was it the cause of the

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follow the course of study laid down as necessary in

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The Huxley Lecture on Recent Studies of Imnumity, with Special

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(a) Mrs. K. H. (Out-Patient Neurological Department,

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removed incidentally by enterostomy at the operation.

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panying each essay a sealed envelope containing the name of

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Hospital, testing practically everything in the sur-

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by Dr. Paterson, who found her dying, as he thought,

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needs of the service this examination will be held in the

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preliminary suture. If this be the fact, they main-

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majority of whom were permanently cured, while tlie

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in the small city as such, is shown by the conditions

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was of absolutely no iiriportaric(! as an indication

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of pure shock, that is, in cases in which the vaso-

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claviger?) is the one which lias been chiefly experi-

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l']nglish styh;; which various pursuits were far from ex-

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incessant and often distressing, is customary among

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being on the CoimcU, publicly to declare the fact, that

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extension of leave of absence from July 13. July 11, 1903.

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a fitting opportunity. If the entire profession of Eng-»

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opaque white areas ranging from a minute point to 2 and

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Honsell ^® has collected eleven similar cases. The

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seems clear as, for the present, the disease must sim-

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1901 only seven cases had been reported in America,

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ceases, and delirium supervenes." (^Continued Fevers,

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vaded excision should be sul)stituted for protective

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hemorrhage — in 85 out of 1)9 iiiuiompiicated cases

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there is much more danger of a burn than if the Gamma

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and privilege of being their audience. We fixed the

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that it has served as an object lesson of the neces-

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length of time required, the tediousness of the treat-

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full butt against a tree ; this sudden interruption of

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remarks, " those whcj believe that this will solve the

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of the scalp, and whicli was complicated with pneu-

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■emia of chronic interstitial nephritis, and might

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