Finca Raiz Armenia Casas

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the diaphragm, and displace the heart, and oppress the breathing, by
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cases in our little city and suburbs. In a paper written for
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for long periods of time, without bad results. I be-
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in remedying that distressing prostration or sinking. Of course the more
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cautery : the advantage of which is this, that a small wound may be kept open for
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holds at least 40 cc. The blood is quickly transferred to
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roses end in the formation of papules, of a lichenoid condition of the
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cialty group. Full spectrum of Family Practice, op-
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proceeds, I believe, from the operation of the gastric acids upon
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cal records departments, lawyers, and a host of others who
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The physical conditions induced bj the peculiar nervous and muscular derangements, inde-
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vomiting, cutting pains about the umbilicus (navel).
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Dr. Ziegler stated that he had found that electric illumination
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the arteries and veins, and that such coagulum may undergo
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Dr. Paine strongly advocated the establishment of the sepa-
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these patients suffered from subsequent attacks, al-
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which they resume the former relative position.* It
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where the grey milky softening was associated with hemiplegia of long
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icterus, it is necessary to discuss the effect of the exclusion of bile
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count for a few simple strictures. The typhoidal ulcer., it is
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Calvert's cases represented northern and southern Luzon.
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surrounding tissues and organs, the patient dying from
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fires and apparently better accommodations of every kind could be
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celerate the flow of bile as much as possible. Stagnation
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centre of a "roast" is not sufficiently heated in cooking to kill tubercle
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bread or biscuit, and some plain-boiled maccaroni, or biscuit-pudding, by way
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the certificate of his preceptor, to prove when he commenced his studies.
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the publication, subscription, or advertising department of the Jour-


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