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of his works have already been reviewed in the Gazette. The present

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shape of the liver may be mentioned deformities of the vertebrae and


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readily than this one, and if the Mayor was always as much

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stage extends over a period varying from months to even as long as

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cities, even though it is quite prevalent in the surrounding rural

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chronic poisoning. For example, miners and smelters of arsenic pyrites,

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pitals for Consumptives to employ at the North Reading, Lakeville and

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principally by facial cyanosis, slight edema, full and tortuous jugular

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ascribed to some one of the folloAving lesions : (1) Polio-encephalitis of

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ness for words can exist as a separate entity, and for this he proposed the

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nomena. The paralyzed limb or limbs show evidences of circulatory dis-

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lowed, a Symond's tube should be inserted and nourishment given

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The disease was characterized by a constant elevation of

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cold compresses, covered with oiled silk, to which some narcotic agent

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Boiling the water as a prophylactic measure and the administration of

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of its fellow. Certain ill-defined centric and peripheral nervous in-

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Dr. Royal was of English-German parentage, He was born in Sand-

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as a rule, slow, forceful, and heaving, but less frequently it may be lack-

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Alexander of Liverpool has ligated the vertebral artery in 36 cases, his

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iest means of applying cold water. Extreme caution is necessary at the

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Pulsating Pleurisy. — Pulsation synchronous with the cardiac beat in

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Exposure and sexual excess are possible factors; likewise traumatism.

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ureter acts as a mechanical irritant, or when it is caught and stopped in

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The course during the early stage is often marked by periods of im-

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found the impulse to vary at each visit, with a general tendency to lessen

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