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Two laborers were wrestling for an iron hook, and the

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day we have literally dozens of them which are making

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five centers, and five clinics in obstetrics and pediatrics were held in co-

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of cornea or lens is " blind," can those rays help it to see ? Not

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and reference. The descriptive matter for each plate is

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The appearance of the tumour was as follows just previous to removal of

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ty of the journal”: Where were you when we needed

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■viie de la pathologie et des aplombs. 8*^. Gail-

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directed the jury to consider "whether the panel possessed

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one's observation throughout the period of convalescence, however

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and arms in use to preserve his equilibrium. There is no true

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first, and Fig. 2 the still more unusual termination of the case.

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gut was finally freed and about four inches at the site

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advice had been that the middle division of the nerve should

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complaint which is naturally shunned as filthy, stubborn, and con-

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of progenitors do not readily blend in the offspring, but that some

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endoscopic instruments of Joseph Leiter, of Vienna,

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species, although it plays no part in the tetiology of the malaay,

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Dr. Maxwell thought the specimen worthy of bringing to the notice

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phlogistic character ; and an ordinary case of true cauma or synocha

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which, if I am correctly informed, very little has been writ-

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further experiment may show that sarcoma may be bribed with

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willing to extend your permi.ssion to prepare translations

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The Lepers of Tracadie.— The report of the Domin-

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1851.] Thayer, Cases of Apoplexy and Softening of the Brain. 59

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the motion of the Secretary, seconded by Dr. Hemiv.

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foft parts of animals. The procefs employed by nature in fup-

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1805, the Council agreed on the outlines of a Bill,

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Treatment : The patient is confined to bed, the bowels

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^u„. * ► ," " *" ""^.^"T simple directions for use, the most perfect

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Also, Keprint. — !!$oiithard { W. F.) A visit to tbe Found-

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stages of digestible food up to the ordinary mixed diet.

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