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salary and the very many discomforts of dispensary life these

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coma morphine poisoning adynamic states chronic tuberculosis or

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were shown in the absorbing powers of the different parts. P or

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and fascia. The first incision was but one inch long and was completed

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the cases were mild and severe. The character of the erythema varied

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They are hard to keep in condition and require the best of food.

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Bodies can be burned whole but it takes more fuel and

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can be obtained even when a thick layer of emphysematous lung tissue

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the state of impiricism within his sphere of business to the

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Our method of treating infections of the nervous system by the

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suppose was due to relying upon intermediary sources of infor

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Surgeon. This gentleman had previously been admitted a

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the acute perforations to have resulted from duodenal ulcer while

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necessary for a day s food will thus depend upon the amount

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period frequently gives rise to exacerbation of the disorder. A case

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ProteiJs consist of carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen and

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we admit that the divergence of the needle is due to a difference

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but there is sometimes an invincible repugnance to fat. Dr. Chambers

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to that which he found. Therefore there is no sufficient reason for

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Diagnosis. In large animals unless the ascites is marked

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sui geon an excellent and ujiright man and the Col

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uted with the agenda. The communication indicated that

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trate the lung a still more serious complication is met.

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are slightly cedematous and perhaps that his face has a puffy look.

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JLOMMY came all the way down here from the smallest state in

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advisability of securing an amendment to the State law through the

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wards to prevent any adhering to the gums. It should never be

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belong to different although contiguous groups and because in the


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