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Cold affusions, the cold douche to the head, and the shower-bath are

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forms of cholera we must endeavor to dismiss from the mind the erro-

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Forget lays down some propositions worthy our confidence. lie

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further discussion of Dr. Baldy's paper on this subject Dr.

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ist has insisted on his fee, which has also been larger

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temperaments, whose system has been debilitated by previous

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duty at Presidio of Saa Francisco, Cal., and ordered to Fort

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to be the most efficient. In doses of sixty grains daily, the

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lication appeared in the Federal Gazette, fubfcribed

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the knee-elbow position may be assumed or the patient may be placed on the

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"cure" sufferers but enables them to "cure" themselves;

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By A. M. ZAMORA, M.Ch. (From the Throat and Ear Department,

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were free from any trace of inflammation. The mucous membrane of the

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death has removed from us the oldest member of this Council, Dr. George Logan, therefore

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tients, who was arrested on the street for drunkenness, and

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power of controlling the inflammatory phenomena of the disease is undoubted.

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or from insufficient aeration of the blood. Several facts are frequently

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teristics of the different kinds of dulness of the lung tone will be men-

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ceding 1885 — a period during which the so-called "do-

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attributed to several circumstances, of which he names the following

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chlorid and sodium phosphate will actually aid in such therapy can only

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(1873). that th2 cortex of the brain is excitable; i. e.,

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the condition invariably represents either fatty degeneration

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surface was a mark four inches in diameter, plainly discernible, to which the

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the Bertillon system, and say again that that system is

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Neiccomcrs to the v:orh are universally found to be more susceptible to

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pened. I found upon the rocks, where I supposed he had

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gious worship in the wards, often producing an unfavorable

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member of the Hospital Corps who treats the man previous to ad-

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so get the double puff. The condition is commonly called

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some additional help from the crowding of the sleep-

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ward recur, but the child was delivered by version, seem-

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letters, news that my friends in Rotuma were in trouble. Measles had

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mittee could not go further until its powers had been en-


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