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directed against S. aureus and perhaps other pathogens,

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saliva ; and should the nurse be bitten by the patient, as sometimes

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On the day of embarkation they should be watered before

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external surface of the bodies of some being as blue as indigo, (quite

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them as a counter -resistance to the hands placed at the extremity of

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The patient developed oedema of both legs, and, soon after the

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found necessary to introduce some terms to designate the different parts

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be considered as the ordinary stimulations of health. Therefore,

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stomach. That is, the stomach was opened opposite the lower angle of

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lutely worthless ; he believed nothing could jirevent

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Eight Cases of Ectopic Gestation Treated by Laparotomy.

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nesota State Medical Association, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Tune

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toneum," with drainage if there be bleeding, have been most

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ship, preparations were made for thorough asepsis and

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this to be wondered at, for the instrument which he employs does not

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is therefore no printed record for this whole period of time.

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their plan the ''colony system." It is to be regretted

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agree that Nature has thereby put her mark upon woman as the more

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than the left. The skin on the right side was more delicate, but the difference

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that cansed the accident (except in reverse order). As Uie arm reached a

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to confess that the uncertainty of our diagnosis may give some encouragement

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in favor as a tonic, stomachic, and to a lesser extent as an anti-

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ments in Public Elementary Schools, points out some of the dangers as

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planus of Wilson. It had been finally settled towards the end of the|lasb

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lived to see this humane view adopted and carried out even more

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tains also more or less muco-purulent matter. Supposing malig-


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