Paxil Vs Zoloft Vs Effexor

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It has been and will be a medium of expression for the best thought

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Constituents. — 1, bassorin, 35 per cent.; 2, pectin, 10 per

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cold, the pulse is rapid and hard, the breathing quick, the tem-

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cination should be practised alike in the case of diildren who have and

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a terebinthinate (turpentine-like) stimulant, and as

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sion of the abdomen, which became tender to the touch. The

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dogma as these two terms alike denote; and, hence, the name allopathy

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Give the patient water to drink regularly; it acts upon the kidneys

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of nitrate of urea occupy very different bulks at different

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>ut her married life, sustained an excellent character; besides,

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Dr. Lawrence F. Flick of Philadelphia, Pa., has made good use

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Saturated solution (in 20% alcohol) of acid fuchsin 126

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for some of the widely varying reports. The development of the so-called

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details relating to the character and to the life of phy-

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sial. 60 - 61 PEEP is primarily supportive therapy for improving

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produced by Unemic Poisoning in Chronic Diseases of tho

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which any irritant is liable to set up a caseous inflam- |

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first felt pain in the right iliac fossa. On the next day diarrhoea

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paper entitled " Hypnotism as a Therapeutic Agent," in

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July 2, 1867 ; but it is to be observed, that no person can be

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Tracheotomy undoubtedly saves a small proportion of cases. It

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then such marks may be washed away by the irrigating

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tion of our cities and their suburbs; by impressing npon every

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with the development of the mental disease there appeared

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E. i.,^.b, L.hviirds, N. B.,612; Fisher,G..I,, in-; < Mlinartin, P. P..

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The essential lesions directly involve the blood. Clinical phenomena

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