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able. Fragments of the worm are generally passed either daily or at short

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the varN-ing amount of pressure. These laryngeal symptoms are apt to

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what larger in the male. Another reason is to be found in the fact that,

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cussion, was dull and flat over the right lung, and to some extent

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^ o But artificial oil of wintergreen has become S* ^ "

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Please use the term " IvAPACTiC PII^IvS, S. & D.'S." when prescribing these pills.

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indulgence on the score of time ; as the urgency of my then exist-

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for still more obvious reasons, that we will refer to it in a future note.

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ical treatment can be had in perfection at reasonable prices. A special Hospital Building

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tuberculous disease appears to be a sequel, it may have existed prior to

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acquiesce in what he really disapproved, for fear of infringinj^

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ago.2 The patient was a female, aged twenty-five ; hysterical symptoms

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For Rest: The Institution offers a well-regulated, quiet home, with elevator, electric bells, open fire-places, steam j

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(ONE FLUID DRACHM)— represents the Anodyne principle of <0

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di3proportioned to the number in confinement. Difi*erent views,

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the best possible condition, and, for this end, hygienic and medicinal

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The first thing that struck me was a most sorrowful, distressed,

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It has Gained a Wide Bepntation, particularly in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuber-

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lowing amounts of the loans in which they are authorized to in-

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extent of the impairment of health will be, cseteris paribus, in

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as eells, alveoli, crypts, pockets, lacuna, glands, villi, papillae,

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^eo f-it* a» 09 cx) iQ ^ t^ ^ •-« CO o>e-«-" ^ »-no t»i-«©uo o^^ ©»

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variety he regards as favorable for the production of organized tissue,

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changed her clothing; to use her own language, she took a heavy

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and respiratory organs ; convalescence and enfeebled

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functional disorder is chiefly gastric or intestinal. If gastric, farinaceous

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I find that some of the questions are such as I could not have answered, or have


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